About Measuring Behavior

Measuring Behavior is returning to the City of Life Sciences! The upcoming Measuring Behavior conference will be held in the city of Wageningen from 27-29 August 2014. Wageningen has a large university and many research institutes, with considerable number of groups working on research related to both animal and human behavior.

Measuring Behavior is known for its interdisciplinary character. At this conference you will find yourself among colleagues from various fields of research. While the research questions and applications may be highly diverse, what all delegates share is an interest in methods, techniques and tools for the study of behavior. Whether you study the behavior of consumers or insects, Measuring Behavior 2014 is the perfect ground for a productive meeting.

Like previous editions Measuring Behavior will focus on methods and techniques in behavioral research. This year there will be a special emphasis on new inventions, prototypes, and techniques.

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