Conference centre

The conference will take place at the P&J Live event complex, which is new, and with excellent facilities.  The entire facility is huge, with 4000 m², but Measuring Behavior has its own dedicated area of the centre, with our own meetings rooms and an exhibition area close to the refreshments. All the rooms as well as the registration desk are next to each other, so everything easy to find.

P&J Live is close to the airport; five minutes by bus or half an hour walk. It is only 20 minutes by bus to the city centre. All delegates will have bus passes enabling them to easily travel to and from the city, where most will be staying in their hotels.

It is one of the most sustainable conference centres in the UK. The facility is sustainably powered by entirely local and renewable energy. Almost thirty thousand trees and shrubs have been planted on the site. Aberdeen is very accessible, with direct flights from over 40 global destinations and good rail links to the UK train network. For more information about how to get there, see here and the map below.


Aberdeen is a beautiful city situated on the stunning North-east coast
of Scotland. It is largely built from a silvery granite rock. The city
has about 230 000 inhabitants, but is compact, with venues and
attractions close together and easy to reach.  It is adjacent to the Cairngorms National Park and the spectacular Grampian mountains. The University of Aberdeen (host of the conference) was founded in 1495 and has a long tradition of outstanding behavioral research.

You can read more about what there is to see and do in and around Aberdeen here.

Conference centre
P&J Live buiding, Aberdeen