Publications - Measuring Behavior

As in previous editions, there will be a number of high-quality publications coming out of Measuring Behavior 2024:

  • Conference Proceedings — all contributions are peer-reviewed. The Proceedings have an ISBN and DOI. Previous Proceedings can be found In the Previous Years section of this website. The Proceedings contain short papers (extended abstracts) which are 1 – 7 pages long.
  • Special issues. We always have a number of special issue of journals to which MB presenters can submit full papers.
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At a Measuring Behavior meeting, you will find yourself among researchers from all fields of behavioral research: behavioral ecologists or neuroscientists, ethologists, developmental psychologists, ergonomists, human factors researchers, movement scientists, psychiatrists, psychophysiologists, toxicologists, usability testers, and others. While the research questions and applications may be highly diverse, what all delegates share is an interest in methods, techniques and tools for the study of behavior.