Symposium: Optimizing analysis of longitudinal, high resolution behavioural data

Organizer: Michael Toscano (University of Berne, Switzerland)

Description: Improved sensor technology allows for examination of behaviour in a far more detailed manner than conventional methods, e.g., video recordings. In addition to increased resolution and granularity over extended periods of time, the outcome is typically a far superior representation of the subjects’ behaviour.  Despite these benefits, associated efforts require special expertise that prevent many well-intentioned efforts from being optimized. The required expertise is likely to include: processing and filtering data within very large datasets (i.e., Big Data), visualization and integration of multiple data streams, and extraction of meaningful metrics to compare group and individual-level patterns.

The symposium will include contributions towards developing a greater understanding in the visualization and analysis of large, complex datasets generated with all types of sensor technology.

Sponsorship: This symposium is in part sponsored by an EU-COST Action (EU-LI-PHE;, that focuses on building a European-based Phenomics framework.

The figure is from Montalcini et al. 2023,