Exhibition - Measuring Behavior

Because Measuring Behavior is about tools and methods, the Exhibition is particularly important. Exhibitors are also encouraged to give demonstrations of new products and tutorials about existing products. If you are interested in exhibiting at Measuring Behavior 2024, you can download the prospectus from here.  The following exhibitors have already signed up:

Noldus Information Technology

Noldus provides innovative tools for behavior, health and wellbeing: from data collection to insights discovery. 

Ugo Basile

Since 1963, Ugo Basile designs and manufactures classic and innovative devices, essential in animal behavioral studies.


The Tecniplast Group has been at the forefront of the lab animal industry since 1949, designing, manufacturing and distributing equipment to laboratories around the world.


Beats Science Coder elevates human behavior research with cloud-powered video coding.


Bilaney Consultants (founded 1966) stands as a pivotal figure in the distribution of cutting-edge research equipment and software for the life sciences and biomedical sectors within Europe.

Stoelting Europe

Stoelting leads the way in pre-clinical research, our precise Stereotaxic Instruments, robust ANY-maze behaviour tracking software, and exceptional support redefine industry standards.

Harvard Bioscience

Harvard Bioscience, Inc. is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of life sciences equipment to support research and drug discovery. The company subsidiaries DSI and Panlab, on display, provides a wide range of solutions for the assessment of behavior and physiology in laboratory animals.


Metris is a trendsetter in Animal Behavior & Ultrasonic Vocalization (USV) Research.

  • LABORAS: Automated behavior scoring of mice & rats.
  • SONOTRACK:   Full spectrum ultrasonic vocalization recording, analysis & playback system.
  • AUTOMATIC CALL CLASSIFICATION: enables fully automated classification of Ultrasonic Vocalizations (USV) of mice.
  • SmartChamber: Advanced & thoughtfully designed sound-attenuation chamber suited for USV studies!
  • SLEEPSIGN:  Automated Sleep scoring in animals!

At a Measuring Behavior meeting, you will find yourself among researchers from all fields of behavioral research: behavioral ecologists or neuroscientists, ethologists, developmental psychologists, ergonomists, human factors researchers, movement scientists, psychiatrists, psychophysiologists, toxicologists, usability testers, and others. While the research questions and applications may be highly diverse, what all delegates share is an interest in methods, techniques and tools for the study of behavior.