Symposium: Measuring bioacoustics

Organizers: Tomas Norton and Pralle Kriengwatana (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Bioacoustics provide a wealth of information about animals: from individual identity, age, and sex to motivational and emotional states, health state, locomotor activity, spatial distribution, etc. The potential for bioacoustics stretches across many animal categories and species including lab, farm, and zoo animals, and thus has applications in animal production, welfare, and conservation. New technologies are being developed that increase our ability to obtain high quality, long-term, and continuous recordings in previously inaccessible situations and in different species. Novel machine learning techniques are also being developed to objectively reduce the high dimensionality of audio data and quickly quantify large amounts of data. This symposium will exhibit emerging new tools and techniques that allow us to harness the richness of bioacoustics to gain new insights into animal behaviour, health, and welfare.