Stoelting Europe

Stoelting Europe is a leading provider of instruments and software for pre-clinical neuroscience research.

We deliver high-quality instruments, meticulously tested and validated to ensure superior performance. Our Stereotaxic Instruments division offers reliable and precise frames and tools that researchers trust for their intricate procedures. Simultaneously, our ANY-maze Behavioural Tracking Software division provides sophisticated and user-friendly software solutions that streamline video tracking and data analysis to provide valuable insights.

At Stoelting Europe, we recognize the profound responsibility associated with animal research, and we prioritize the principles of the 3Rs – Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement. This commitment underscores our dedication to ethical practices, ensuring the utmost care in every facet of research.

Moreover, our steadfast support extends beyond our products. Our team of dedicated science professionals stands ready to provide prompt and knowledgeable customer service, offering unwavering support at every juncture of your research journey.