Bilaney Consultants

Bilaney Consultants (founded 1966) stands as a pivotal figure in the distribution of cutting-edge research equipment and software for the life sciences and biomedical sectors within Europe. With a history spanning five decades, the company has solidified its reputation by forging partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers including David Kopf Instruments, Actimetrics, and San Diego Instruments. This strategic collaboration enables Bilaney to offer a diverse product portfolio, including advanced stereotaxic instruments, behavioral research systems, and physiological research tools, catering to the intricate needs of neurophysiological, behavioral, and physiological research communities.

Operating from Germany and the UK, Bilaney is deeply committed to the scientific community, ensuring researchers have access to the highest quality, reliable tools necessary for pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry and discovery. Their product range is meticulously selected to support an array of applications, from basic science to more applied research, aiming to contribute significantly to advancements in understanding complex biological systems and diseases.

Bilaney’s dedication to customer service, coupled with their expertise in the latest technological and scientific advancements, makes them a trusted partner for researchers across Europe. By providing tailored solutions and comprehensive support, Bilaney continues to play a crucial role in the advancement of science and medicine.