A New Approach to Setting Up Operant Conditioning Experiments

Demonstration showcase

Schedule: Wednesday 15th May, Meeting Room 5, 14:40

Presenter: Aishwarya Vishwanathan, Stoelting Europe

Description: Traditionally, setting up Operant Conditioning experiments has been a laborious task, often involving complex configurations and tedious manual adjustments.

ANY-maze represents a paradigm shift in Operant Conditioning experimentation, offering researchers a faster, more intuitive, and more data-rich approach to their work.

  • Streamlined approach reduces setup time significantly, eliminating the need for complex control modules and enhancing research productivity.
  • With over 370 compatible components, effortlessly duplicate configurations across multiple cages, maximizing efficiency and consistency across experiments.
  • Take full advantage of your cage components’ capabilities, whether it’s adjusting tone frequencies or controlling shock intensities with real-time monitoring of activation states
  • Delve deeper into data, uncovering trends and patterns that were previously hidden in the traditional way, using purpose-built comprehensive result analysis and visualization tools.

In summary, the Operant Interface makes experiments easier and helps researchers get more useful data, marking a significant advancement in Operant Conditioning research.