CALL FOR PAPERS: Theme issue on Measuring Behavior

The aim of this theme issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on 'Measuring Behavior'  is to summarize emerging trends and common problems across different branches of social and behavioral sciences that involve measurements of human behavior. The emphasis in this theme issue is on methods and technologies for the measurement of behavior at the micro and macro level. 

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue in Journal of Integrative Neuvorscience on Methods for Measuring Behavior and Integration - a Neuroscience Perspective

This Special Issue is inspired by the Measuring behavior conference which provides a broad and interdisciplinary forum for novel methods to define, measure, and analyze human and animal behavior. We solicit papers that analyze individual behavior along with the patterns, behavior of groups and processes explaining for specific behaviors. We especially focus on integrative approaches of measuring different behavioral parameters with realistic interactive setting.


Kraków has a unique history, both on a Polish and European scale. There is a very active behavioral reserach community and this is reflected in the fact that Measuring Behavior 2020 will be a joint meeting together with the 6th International Seminar on Behavioral Methods.


You can make contact with us in various ways:


The conference will be hosted by Prof. Jaraslow Barski from the Medical University of Silesia.

The chair of the animal behavior section will be Prof. Gernot Riedel from Aberdeen Universtiy.

The chair of the human behavior section will be announced shortly.

The chair of the program committee will be Dr. Andrew Spink from Noldus Information Technology


The conference will publish both full Proceedings of all peer-reviewed submisisons and special issues of journals. That will include a special issue of the Journal of Neuroscience Methods as well as other journals.


Scientific Program Committee

The Scientific Program Committee (SPC) consists of distinguished scientists and practitioners from the var

MB2018 pre-conference questionaire

Some of the questions are about which sessions you think you may attend, so that we can allocate larger rooms to the more popular ones and plan transport for the British Cycling tour. You can find the schedule here (opens in new window). This is not a firm commitment, you will be able to attend whichever sessions you want to.