Special issue Connection Science

Theme: Measuring Behavior: simulation and analysis of living systems
Journal: Connection Science

Connection Science

Guest Editors: Dr Robyn Grant* (robyn.grant <at> mmu.ac.uk, Manchester Metropolitan University), Professor Tony Prescott (University of Sheffield)

Measuring Behavior uses a variety of analytic and synthetic science methods, and is interdisciplinary- including studies in the research areas of psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science and robotics. Topics to be considered in the Special Issue in the Connection Science journal will include those that focus on the simulation and analysis of living systems, societies and synthetic life. Papers on any topics which fit the theme will be considered and might include:

  • Analysis of communication
  • Social network analysis
  • Consumer behavior
  • Measuring behavior in virtual and augmented realities
  • Big data, data mining, Internet of things
  • Life logging and data integration
  • Bio-inspired robotics
  • Human-robot interactions