New tools to analyse motor activity and movement

Organisers: Wiktor Niewiadomski and Grazyna Niewiadomska (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Gernot Riedel, Aberdeen University

Schedule: Wednesday 6th June 10:00 - 12:30, G26


Increasing age and related neurodegenerative diseases are becoming a significant burden to society.  Intrinsic to these are difficulties in movement and injuries related to imbalance and failure of motor programming. Diseases like Parkinsonism, motor neurone disease or amyotrophic latera sclerosis (ALS), but also spinal cord injury or ageing-induced frailties pose a severe risk for the patient and a greater understanding for the underlying mechanisms is needed if we are to develop novel therapies. Multiple experimental models have emerged in which some disease relevant features occur, but our means of testing more detailed anomalies in movement have been lagging behind.  In this symposium, we seek to concentrate on the generation of novel analysis tools to extract more and refined data from rodent models of disease. These analysis tools are often based on well-established tests of grabbing, walking or other patterns of movement, but offer a novel approach to detecting and understanding the core principles of behaviour.

10:00-10:20    Wiktor Niewiadomski, Ewelina Palasz, Krzysztof Kodrzycki, Anna Gasiorowska, Gernot Riedel and Grazyna Niewiadomska
Analysis of movement in Inverted Grid Test: Principles, Confirmation and Automatization
10:20-10:40    Maurizio Casarrubea, Wiktor Niewiadomski, Anna Gasiorowska, Ewelina Palasz, Grazyna Niewiadomska, Andrea Santangelo, Fabiana Faulisi, Giuseppe Crescimanno and Gernot Riedel
Temporal patterns of mice behavior in the horizontal grid test following MPTP
10:40-11:00    Ivanna Timotius, Sandra Moceri, Anne-Christine Plank, Johanna Habermeyer, Fabio Canneva, Nicolas Casadei, Olaf Riess, Jürgen Winkler, Jochen Klucken, Bjoern Eskofier and Stephan von Hörsten
Rodent’s Stride Length Depends on Body Size: Implications for CatWalk Assay
11:30-11:50    Ivanna Timotius, Fabio Canneva, Georgia Minakaki, Sandra Moceri, Nicolas Casadei, Olaf Riess, Jürgen Winkler, Stephan von Hörsten, Bjoern Eskofier and Jochen Klucken Systematic
Data Analysis and Data Mining in Gait Analysis by Heat Mapping
11:50-12:10    Ana Gerós, Ana Magalhães and Paulo Aguiar
Automatic Classification of Rodents’ Behavioral Activity based on Depth Cameras
12:10-12:30    Discussion