New technologies and software to advance the 3Rs and behavioural measurements in animal research

Organisers: Kamar Ameen-Ali, NC3R, UK

Schedule: Wednesday 6th June 10:00 - 12:30, G27


The 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) have long been established as an ethical framework for the use of animals in scientific research, but they are increasingly being recognised for their scientific benefits. This shift in understanding is driving methodological and technological developments that have the potential to significantly impact upon animal welfare and support better science through improved experimental design and outcomes. This symposium will bring together researchers who have developed new technologies and software that not only automate and maximise behavioural measurements across a range of species (zebrafish, mice and macaques), but also demonstrate how implementing the 3Rs can further the progress of scientific research.

10:00-10:30        Claire Witham
Monitoring Social Relationships in Group-housed Monkeys using Automated Face Recognition and Tracking
10:30-11:00        Rowland Sillito, R Sonia Bains, Gareth Banks, Adina T Michael-Titus, Pat M Nolan, Will S Redfern, Jordi L Tremoleda, Karen Tse, Sara Wells, Ping K Yip and J Douglas Armsrong
3Rs Benefits of Monitoring Group Housed Animals in the Home Cage
11:00-11:30    Coffee   
11:30-12:00        Lynne Sneddon
An intelligent monitoring software tool to measure zebrafish health
12:00-12:30        Nathalie Percie Du Sert
Designing robust experiments with the Experimental Design Assistant