Behavioral – Physiological synchronization (SYNC) made easy: A DSI-Noldus SYNC solution


  • Stefano Gaburro - Data Sciences International (DSI), USA
  • Ruud Tegelenbosch, Arno van Gijssel, Robert Hoogmans - Noldus Information Technology BV, The Netherlands

Schedule: Thursday 7th June 16:00 - 16:45, G26 at the DSI exhibition stand

The combined evaluation of physiology and behavior has helped scientists identify new drug/gene therapies and better characterize animal models. One challenge, however, is the ability to obtain signals at tight synchronization levels; particularly when higher animal numbers or longer recording times are required. DSI and Noldus demonstrate its ability to generate video files that are synchronized with physiological data which remain constant and in the range of milliseconds over a 24 hour data collection time period. This ensures the precise and detailed investigation of the relationship between physiological data (telemetry) and behavioral data (video).





Noldus Information Technology