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Rabobank User eXperience Center

One of the most complete User eXperience Centers in Europe has been installed at the Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The lab was officially opened on the 12th of March 2012. This UX Center allows Rabobank to conduct in-depth interviews, client panels, usability research, eye tracking, workshops, concept development research, and co-creation.

UX Center

The UX Center is a totally new test environment which offers numerous of possibilities. By controlling light, sound, static and moving images, different situations and surroundings can be created. As a result, this UX Center is the ideal test environment which really represents real-life situations. New products, such as the recently launched vertical cards are being developed and tested in this UX Center. With this new UX Center the Rabobank gives body to her vision to optimize their services and designs to customer requests and needs.

Usability research and eye tracking

This center comprises of two rooms, a test room and a control room. Through a one-way mirror researchers can observe the interactions unobtrusively. Different cameras and microphones as well as an eyetracker record all interactions in great detail. All devices can be operated from the control room allowing the UX Team to shift focus when desired. The UX team can exactly see where test participants are looking, what they are experiencing, and how they are reacting. The UX Center facilitates user centered design and offers the possibility to provide answers to a wide variety of research questions in the area of user experience research.

Group 1:
Start: 14:30
End: 16:00
(max. 15 participants)

Group 2:
Start: 15:30
End: 17:00
(max. 15 participants)