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Motion Capture Lab

Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University, The Netherlands

This tour will consists of a visit to, and a demonstration of, the optical motion capture lab at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University. Motion capture is a technique commonly used to drive character motions in games and films, but it is also a technique popular in many other domains where motion and behavior needs to be registered and analyzed in detail.

In Utrecht, we have an optical motion capture system consisting of 14 Vicon MX cameras, and 4 Basler video cameras. The setup is used to do research in a variety of fields. One example is automatic video-based tracking where the optical motion capture data is used as a ground truth. Another example is the use of recorded animations to generate new motions on-the-fly with different kinds of constraints.

During the tour, we will explain in detail how the motion capture system works, and we will show a couple of examples of how the data is used in our own research.

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Group 1:
Start: 14:30
End: 15:15
(max. 40 participants)

Group 2:
Start: 15:05
End: 15:50
(max. 40 participants)

Group 3:
Start: 15:40
End: 16:25
(max. 40 participants)

Group 4:
Start: 16:15
End: 17:00
(max. 40 participants)