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Molecular mechanisms of birdsong memory

Songbirds, such as the zebra finch, need to learn their songs from a male adult bird. They remember the tutor song and develop an own song that is very similar.

Birdsong research is performed to study neural networks of memory and becomes increasingly popular as a model for human language. The project that performed concerns memory formation in young zebra finches and neuronal mechanisms of memory that are active during sleep. Using immunohistochemistry, cellular activation during memory consolidation can be measured. Juvenile finches that are learning a song will be used for this study. After they have been trained during the day, they will be tested what brain areas are active during the night.

During the tour, this study will be explained in more detail and we will visit the aviary and the laboratory where the (behavioral) experiments are carried out.

Group 1:
Start: 14:30
End: 15:45
(max. 10 participants)

Group 2:
Start: 15:45
End: 17:00
(max. 10 participants)