Ugo Basile

New tools for better behavioural data: reports from beta testing demonstration showcase

Federico Oggioni and Cinzia Boldi, Ugo Basile, Italy
Gernot Riedel, University of Aberdeen, Scotland


Ugo Basile

Schedule: Thursday 7th June 16:00 - 17:00


Lack of translatability of data acquired in rodents to human subjects still poses problems as behavioural testing in the two species is difficult to align. This has led to the development of novel paradigms to model the human situation in animals, mainly rodents, more truthfully. Many such developments have started in the laboratory of academics, yielded simple prototypes and were then improved and distributed by companies. In this session, we will take a closer look at recent developments advanced by the company Ugo Basile (Varese, Italy).  Based on a long-lasting expertise and commitment to build species-appropriate tools for researchers, the company has assembled new tools and distributed them for beta testing. The speakers are all specialists in their field and reflect on recent tests conducted with novel equipment, which in some cases is not yet commercially available. The audience is invited to take a ‘pre-view’ at these developments, get preliminary information on tests of tomorrow and can engage in a critical discussion with engineers and beta-testers on how to measure behaviour in the future.

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