Measuring Zoo Animal Welfare

Organiser: Sabrina Brando, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Switzerland

Short name (in EasyChair):  Zoo welfare (S15)


Understanding how wild animals housed in zoos and aquariums are faring is one of the responsibilities of zoo professionals today. Are animals having a good quality of life? Do they seem happy, engaged, curious, or are they fearful or anxious? Do they have extensive behavioural repertoires usually found for this species, or does it seem to be a reduced range? And how does this vary between individuals? Measuring different aspects can aid to gauge what an animal might be experiencing. Considering behavioural categories as well as how, reflecting not only physical behaviour recorded in classic ethograms, but also the expressive qualities emerging from the many different kinds of physical behaviours. Research is necessary to make evidence-based decisions regarding animal welfare efforts, with the aim to promote, as much as possible, positive animal welfare. This symposium brings together zoo animal welfare experts offering their perspectives on measuring wild animal welfare. It will consist of presentations as well as a discussion about how to combine theory and best practice.

Polar bear in zoo


This symposium is sponsored by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums