Facial Expressions Analysis of Human and Animal Behavior

Organisers: Moi Hoon Yap (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Chair), Adrian Keith Davison (University of Manchester, UK) and Daniel Leightley (King’s College London, UK)

Short name (in EasyChair): Facial Expressions (S9)


Face and gesture reveal one's health, age, emotion/feelings, intention and is a vital biometric characteristic. Tremendous research is being carried out in the fields of psychology, physiology and computer vision/technology. This symposium focuses on datasets/data sharing, technological challenges in analysis/measurement of human and animal facial expressions and its implication of behaviors to real-world applications. We aim to promote interactions between researchers, scholars, practitioners, engineers and students from across industry and academia on facial expressions analysis. Cross-discipline work is highly encouraged. We welcome original works that address a wide range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • Analysis of facial expressions for real-world applications
  • Subtle/micro face and gesture movements analysis
  • Technology in automated behavior measurement
  • Machine learning and deep learning in face and gesture analysis
  • Real-time face and motion analysis
  • Face and motion recognition on mobile devices
  • Pain assessment on veterinary sciences
  • The ongoing challenges of subtle motion analysis
  • Behavior technology in-the-wild

FaceReader mesh