Application of sensor technologies in animal breeding

Organisers: Esther Ellen & Bas Rodenburg, Wageningen University & Research

Short name (in EasyChair): Precision Livestock (S1)


Farm animals are often kept in large groups. However, in animal breeding, individually collected data is used to improve health, welfare and performance of animals. Keeping animals in large groups makes it difficult to collect individual data. Furthermore, collecting data on changes in health and behavior is a challenge when animals are kept in groups. With the upcoming use of sensor technologies and video imaging, automatic identification and monitoring of animals is possible, which provides opportunities for animal breeding. Breed4Food (B4F) is a consortium established by Wageningen University & Research and four international animal breeding companies. One of the projects of B4F is to develop methods to track and monitor individual animals kept in groups using sensor technologies. A second aim is to use this information to measure traits related to animal behavior, health and nutrient use efficiency. In this symposium, we will bring together animal breeders and researchers using state-of-the art technologies to track and monitor animals in groups. This symposium highlights research that can be implemented in the lab and commercial situations and to different taxa. The presentations will be followed by a plenary discussion to place the presented research in a broader perspective and identify future research directions.

Precision livestock breeding